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Pius Lang
Paris Exbition.jpg

Our first presentation was at the Paris World Exposition in 1889, with most famous 100 blades Pius Lang folding knife.

The history of Pius Lang brand started on a very cold Christmas Eve of 24th, December, 1852, as knife maker Pius Lang from the German town of Stetten founded the famous knife manufacturer near Tuttlingen, Germany.

His grandson Pius Lang II carried on and further developed the company within the bounds of the old tradition.

Gerald Lang, grandson of Pius Lang II, learned the craft of manual knife-making from his father and he graduated in surgical mechanic master (Chirurgiemechnanik Meister) learning and perfecting the art of producing surgical instruments.​

His other grandson Sigmund Lang immigrated to Brazil, in 1924, carrying in his luggage pioneering techniques of surgical instruments manufacturing, technology, machinery and equipment for the installation the first surgical instruments factory, in the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, in 1928. Sigmund was followed by his son Sigismundo Lang Filho and his grandson José Roberto Lang, who after more than 30 years learning, accompanying, performing and currently teaching the secrets of the manufacture of surgical instruments in Brazil.


Sigmund Lang, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gerald Lang and his cousins from Brazil, Roberto Lang and Carlos Lang, are now together in Pius Lang. The successful family dynasty have continued generation after generation.




  • Exclusively dedicated to the healthcare industry;

  • Fully committed and closed cooperation with the healthcare communities;

  • Quality, tradition & innovation views with a competitive price approach;

  • Focusing on customers’ needs and quality standards; and

  • Long-term support, time delivering and respectful customer Relationship.

  • Customer Satisfaction with state-of-the-art products and services as well as competitive prices;

  • Quality and excellence on a daily basis approach;

  • Keeping a well-organized warehouse stocked and well- trained staff;

  • Providing life-long warranty and fair maintenance prices; and

  • Supplying customers without delay.

  • Introduce new innovative and process-oriented products and solutions via technological partnerships and joint ventures

- Focus on markets which requires immediate demands and/or price freedom

- Develops partnership with raw materials, goods and services suppliers

  • Enhance the distribution channels over the Brazilian territory for better market coverage

- Promote the products and services to customers via trade and scientific healthcare exhibitions, seminars and workshops

- Support of online marketing & partners extranet access

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